The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 was considered to have been a resoundingly successful event as a consequence of England’s victory against Pakistan in the tournament’s final game. Pakistan had been the tournament’s top team throughout the competition. Throughout the whole of the game, there were some outstanding displays of batting. The cumulative number of runs scored by a player during the duration of the competition is used to rank them among the top 10 scorers in the competition.

    According to cricket live video, this ranking is done on the basis of the player’s performance throughout the game.

    1. Virat Kohli – 296 runs –

    The Indian batsman’s extraordinary batting average of 98.66 catapulted him to the top of the scoreboard, where he ended with 296 runs scored. This allowed him to claim the position of a champion. Throughout the competition, Kohli amassed four scores in the fifty-point range, the best of which was an undefeated 82 runs not out off of 53 balls against Pakistan.

    1. Max O’Dowd – 242 runs –

    The batter that was selected to represent the Netherlands in this Twenty20 World Cup turned in a string of outstanding performances during the course of the competition. The Netherlands would not have been able to qualify for the Super 12s if it were not for his efforts at the plate. O’Dowd had two scores in the fifty-run range for the whole of the tournament. His best performance came against Sri Lanka when he batted through 53 balls and scored 71 runs without being dismissed.

    1. Suryakumar Yadav – 239 runs –

    The unconventional playing style of the number three batter for the Indian side shocked the spectators, who were caught off guard by his performance. Throughout the whole of the competition, he displayed flair and consistency by scoring an average of 59.75 points and making an incredible 189.68 percent of his shots. Despite the fact that they were playing for a side that would not end up winning the T20 World Cup, his innings against South Africa, in which he scored 68 runs off of 40 balls, was perhaps the finest innings that he played in throughout the tournament.

    1. Jos Buttler – 225 runs –

    In the must-win Super 12 match against New Zealand, the England captain got off to a slow start but gradually regained his form and concluded with 73 runs scored off of 47 balls. After that, he kept his dominant streak going against India by hitting 80 runs while facing 49 balls and without losing a wicket. Buttler was a crucial contribution to England’s success over Pakistan in the last match when he lead the team to consistently outstanding starts. This was one of the reasons why England was able to claim victory.

    1. Kusal Mendis – 223 runs –

    The top-order batter for Sri Lanka was very important to the team’s progression to the Super 12 stage of the competition. Mendis had a strike rate of over 140 percent and an average of 31.85 runs scored by him and driven in by other players throughout their games. Both of his attempts at scoring fifty points—one against the Netherlands in the first round and the other against Ireland in the Super 12s—came out to be the ones that turned out to be the ones that turned out to be the ones that won the game for their respective teams.

    1. Sikandar Raza – 219 runs –

    The seasoned all-rounder has maintained during this Twenty20 World Cup that he is in terrific form in the batting position, and as a result, he has been Zimbabwe’s top run-scorer. It was one of the most amazing knocks of the tournament when Raza got 82 runs off of only 48 deliveries while they were playing against Ireland. After that, he went on to make a series of notable cameo cameos in the games that followed.

    1. Pathum Nissanka – 214 runs –

    Nissanka, who batted extremely high in Sri Lanka’s order, was another highly significant player for the team. Mendis took on the position of the aggressor in their relationships, while Nissanka was the one who functioned as the more soothing influence. His performances of 74 and 67 in the match against the United Arab Emirates and England were both noteworthy. However, his performance of 67 in the match against England was especially noteworthy since it came after the rest of Sri Lanka’s batting order had failed to produce.

    1. Alex Hales – 212 runs –

    The batter for England in this World Cup put a considerable amount of focus on his many years of expertise in the game. Hales was England’s second-highest run-scorer and produced two outstanding innings during the tournament. The highlight of his tournament performance was his astonishing 86* off of only 47 deliveries in the semi-final match against India. Hales was also England’s second-highest run-scorer. Additionally, Hales finished his career as England’s runner-up in terms of total run scoring. The Indian bowlers were thrown off by his persistent pounding of the ball as he was doing his knock, which led them to lose their focus and ultimately helped him to score more runs.

    1. Lorcan Tucker – 204 runs batted in –

    The young batting prospect has already made good on his enormous potential by being Ireland’s leading run scorer in this World Cup campaign. His performance has more than justified his high expectations. Tucker amassed a total of 204 runs while playing in the Super 12s, with a batting average of 40.80. His highest score was 71 not out, which he achieved when playing against Australia.

    1. Glenn Phillips – 201 runs –

    The middle-order batter was a key contributor to New Zealand’s success in the tournament, which resulted in the country’s passage to the semifinals. The century that Phillips hit against Sri Lanka was the run that won the game for them, but the 63 that he struck against England was an outstanding effort on his part. In addition, he established new records for his career with a batting average of 40.20 and a slugging percentage of 158.26, respectively.

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