SplashLearn is the game-based learning platform that hauled around $18 million across the Series C funding round led by Owl Ventures, a San Francisco-based VC firm, and participation from Accel Partners, their existing investor as per splashlearn 18m series owl ventures.

    SplashLearn is offering reading courses and gamified math to students in the pre-kindergarten grade of five, founded in 2010. It has developed over 4000 games with several other interactive activities aligned with the student’s curriculum. Furthermore, the platform offers each student around fifteen to twenty minutes of their personalized learning experience daily.

    The service offered by SplashLearn is entirely free for the schools; however, the company charges a subscription fee to their students, allowing the parents to track their kid’s progress and aiding them in identifying the key areas of enhancement. The company even claims to cater to over 40 million registered students on their platform. It is mentioned that around 10 million students and more than 700,000 teachers have associated with this platform the previous year, as most schools were shut down due to the coronavirus.

    SplashLearn has witnessed a surge that was almost three times more in adoption, with more students choosing to go online and families who have started to search for educational support with the start of COVID-19. More than 10 million new users joined the SplashLearn program in 2020, and the demand was global from countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US. In the second half of 2020, SplashLearn expanded its offerings beyond just its math program, including reading and launching personalized tutoring products that owe to the rapidly growing demand from teachers and parents as per splashlearn 18m series owl ventures.

    The Chief executive and co-founder of SplashLearn, Arpit Jain, mentioned in an interview with Telecrunch that the massive hurdle of this education system now encounters the kids who wish to learn so that you have a massive broach to the subject in a manner in which they would find it interesting and engaging.

    The startup aims at offering reading and math courses to students in their pre-kindergarten grade five. With the appropriate guidance from the experts and teachers, it had developed over 4000 games and several other interactive activities explaining the numerous concepts to their kids.

    SplashLearn even offers around fifteen to twenty minutes of personalized learning experiences for every student each day. The startup charges around $12 monthly to their parents for the services. However, the service is entirely free for the schools. Recently, one of the three schools in the US will use SplashLearn 18m series owl ventures accelsinghtechcrunch.

    Jain, one of the three co-founders of IIT Kharagpur alumni, stated that one of their aims is to make quality education available for free for the students. The business model has allowed them to work on these, as SplashLearn will never reach out to the schools. The teachers utilize this platform, and if they adore this kind of offering, they will create the case for massive adoption by the school.

    The team would initially create an ed-tech platform identical to what Coursera developed in the earlier decades. However, their earlier businesses failed to gain better traction, while the Indian market has almost less than 50 million users across the Internet who were not prepared for this.

    SplashLearn is now catering to over 40 million registered students across this platform, with over ten million joining the previous year with coronavirus shutting down schools globally. There are more than 750,000 teachers who have associated with this platform as per splashlearn 18m series ventures accelsinghtechcrunch.

    The Managing Director of Owl Ventures, Amit A. Patel, has stated that SplashLearn is all set to bring a distinctive transformation to digital learning with the unique mixture of the scientifically designed curriculum and their pedagogical methods with international appeal. The platform fits into their main aim to support the creation of firms across the ed-tech space that aids in driving the paradigm shift in their mode of education, bringing towards better scalability. Patel now joins the board of SplashLearn with the partner at Accel, Abhinav Chaturvedi.

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