Most financial gurus have urged the need for demat accounts. But what exactly is a DEMAT?

    Demat is a type of storage of electronic data consisting of securities and shared information. Every component happening in a Demat is digital. Coming back to financial gurus, they are mostly in favor of demat accounts because of their anti-fraud nature. 

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    Demat accounts are extremely crucial and understanding the sensitivity, it is important that users self-guard their accounts. To ensure a sense of security, the given tips will help: 

    • Keeping login details exclusive to yourself: Every demat account is formed with a unique login id with varying passwords. The login credentials are sensitive and should not be shared with anyone else, not even your family members.
    • Two-Factor Authentication: Two-Factor authentication or 2FA is a kind of additional protection, where you will have to enter a temporary code (sent to the registered mobile number) each time a login attempt is made. 
    • Regularly checking the account: Even when the demat account is not in use, routine checking of transactions and other actions is necessary. 
    • Active contact information: Email address and mobile number are two primary routes for the community. Both have to be active and should be accessible by you since important information and code will be sent to you in either of them. 
    • Scams: Staying alert from scams can save you from preventable demat disasters. So, do not entertain sketchy messages and calls at any cost. 
    • Get a broker with a positive history: Having a worthy broker, who’ll back you up with honesty is of utmost importance. Agents that are accredited by SEBI or the Securities and exchange board of India are usually the most reliable ones.

    Understanding how Demat Account works

    Demat accounts are supposedly meant to protect the financial ecosystem including investments in the form of digital assets. They hold information about stocks among other trades. This is why the certainty of a demat account being secure is extremely important. 

    Here, NSE and BSE are two ways of creating a demat account and the framework is regulated by SEBI. SEBI’s role including the two repositories is evident, as these regulatory bodies are what makes the entire demat ecosystem secure for stock trading. 


    Thanks to SEBI, who manages demat in such a systematic manner. Plus, there’s constant attention given to this system, due to which cases of fraud have been minimal over the years. Well, frauds are minimal but not entirely gone. The best way to ensure security against financial disclosure to scammers is understanding hacks and protecting demat accounts from fraud calls or sms. If you become a little clever, you automatically win!