Who Is David Nehdar

    David Nehdar doesn’t hail from the entertainment industry. He is a businessman and is pretty good at his job. He is known as actress Lacey Cabert’s husband. He is famous due to his presence in social media and the entertainment industry due to his popular actress wife. His wife is a very prominent actress in movies and web series. But she is more famous for doing the popular series ‘Lost in Space.’

    David Nehdar Physical appearance

    David Nehdar is a very handsome white man who belongs to the Christian community. His height is 5 feet and 10 inches. David’s weight is around 75 kg. David has brown eyes and light brown hair.

    David Nehdar Early life

    David Nehdar was born on 16th August 1974 in Los Angeles, California. He hails from a Christian family. David’s zodiac sign is Leo, and he rose to fame after marrying his long-time girlfriend, singer, and actress, Lacey Chabert. He lives in California with his wife and daughter, Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. David loves his family and is seen spending quality time with them.

    David Nehdar Family

    David Nehdar is very secretive about his parents. He never mentioned them anywhere, and there’s no information regarding his parents available on the Internet. He is devoted to his work and never talks about his family except for his super-successful wife and daughter. He is seen accompanying them to many places, and they even go on vacations. David never mentioned any of his siblings.

    David Nehdar Wife

    David Nehdar dated singer-actress Lacey Chambert for quite some time. They got married secretly during the holidays of 2013. They will complete 10 years of happily ever after in 2013. On 22nd December 2013, they announced their marriage publicly. David’s wife, Lacey, is a very popular actress. In 2016, they announced their pregnancy online, and on 2nd September 2016, Lacey gave birth to their very beautiful daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar.

    David Nehdar Career

    He did his schooling at a high school in his neighborhood. Once his high school finished, he opted for a Business Management degree. He initially started with his family business and successfully took it to great heights. Then started his own company, and today, he is touching the sky with his success. He is in the real estate field and also has an interest in the property investment field. He is very successful in his arena of work and is considered one of the most promising businessmen.

    David Nehdar Social media

    David Nehdar is very popular on social media, not from his own accounts but from his wife’s social media handle. His wife, Lacey, is seen sharing beautiful family moments on the internet. David is seen going on vacation and taking care of his daughter. His daughter Julia is very dear to him, and the pictures show how much he loves her.

    David Nehdar Net worth

    David Nehdar’s net worth is somewhere between $9 to $10 million. He is a very successful businessperson, and his wife is also a very successful actress. His wife Lacey’s net worth is around $1 to $2 million. She earns a lot from her movies and advertisements.

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