Being the eldest child of former professional wrestler & actor Dave Bautista & his first wife Glenda Bautista, Keilani Bautista is a well-known American celebrity child.

    Keilani Bautista : Early Life & Family

    1990 marked Keilani Bautista’s birth. Keilani Bautista is Glenda Bautista’s and Dave Bautista’s (both former WWE stars) daughter. Likewise, Keilani is the eldest child in the family, with a younger sister called Athena Bautista. In contrast, Keilani Bautista’s younger sister runs a YouTube account of her own.

    Keilani Bautista : Parents Marriage

    In 1990, Keilani Bautista’s parents got married. This was before Dave was a successful wrestler. In the year that Keilani Bautista’s parents got married, Bautista was born. Athena, Keilani Bautista’s sister, was born in 1992, two years later. Regrettably, Dave & Glenda decided to divorce after 8 years of marriage since their relationship was having trouble. Dave and Glenda separated on April 1st, 1998.

    Keilani Bautista : Physical Appearance

    Keilani is a lovely and attractive young lady. Keilani Bautista has a beautiful and athletic body. Unknown are Keilani Bautista’s height and weight. Keilani is a healthy weight and height for her body type, though. Keilani has black hair & hazel eyes.

    Father Dave Bautista

    Keilani Bautista’s father is a well-known actor who is also a bodybuilder, a retired professional wrestler, and a well-known mixed martial artist. Regarding Dave’s professional wrestling career, Dave Bautista started in 1999 and joined the ‘World Wrestling Federation’ in 2000. In addition, from 2002 to 2010, Dave Bautista rose to stardom as Batista and won the World Heavyweight Title four times as well as the WWE Championship twice, making him a six-time world champion. Dave has won the World Tag Team Title three times, the ‘WWE Tag Team Championship’ once, and has the mark for the longest tenure as the ‘World Heavyweight Champion’ at 282 days. Dave Bautista also won the 2005 Royal Rumble battle and went on to host ‘WrestleMania 21’, one of the top five most profitable pay-per-view events in the annals of professional wrestling.

    Mother Glenda Bautista

    Similarly, Glenda Bautista, her mother, is a senior director in the Ad Products department at ‘Hearst Publishing Company in New York. From 2014 to 2016, Glenda also held the position of Director in Monetization & Advertising for iHeartMedia. Glenda worked with AOL, CoPromote, & Adprime Media as the Head of Product Development from 2012 until 2014. Glenda Bautista additionally had positions as an assistant editor for ‘The Source’ and general manager for WCDB.

    Keilani Relationship Status

    Keilani is a divorced single mother of two, therefore it goes without saying that she is now single. Keilani is an extremely private lady, thus nobody knows who her husband is. There is no information available about her ex-husband or whether she intends to remarry or not.

    Keilani Bautista : Net Worth

    Keilani has not disclosed information about her earnings, wealth, or salary. Keilani Bautista’s father, David Bautista, has a net worth of 13 million dollars, though.

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