Personal Life Of Jayda Wayda

    Jayda Wayda is a popular businesswoman, writer, and Social media, star as well. Also, Jayda was known as Jayda Chaves, and then her business career took her to Atlanta, Georgia. She was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia.

    Jayda Wayda

    Jayda also has some names like Jayda Ayanna or Amour Jayda, or Jayda Chaves used to refer to her, besides, Chaves is an entrepreneur, Instagram influencer, and model. Also, she sells apparel, bundles, hair accessories, skincare, and then various hair products on her social media pages. Thus, Jayda Wayda is a social media star and then a YouTuber from the US. In childhood, he was known as Jayda Chaves.

    jayda Wayda bio, age

    Love Life Of Jayda Wayda.

    Jayda Wayda, after dating this prominent American singer, lyricist, and rapper, Dominique Armani Jones a.k.a Lil Baby for a very long time and becoming a mother to his baby, is now a single woman. She gave birth to Loyal Armani Jones in 2019 who is now almost 4 years old. Jayda’s love story got a kick-start. When she had her first meeting with the rapper in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America. The Oxytocin hormone in them began to rise and both started to have feelings for each other that turned out to be love for the next two years until both parted ways and never revealed the secret behind their breakup in front of the media. When this woman was expecting a child, the two reconciled and welcomed their son into the world.

    Love Life Of Jayda Wayda

    Jayda Chaves Early Life And Her Family

    Jayda Wayda is also known as Jayda Ayanna, Her mother’s name is Tricia Cheaves, however, not much is known regards her father. In addition, she has a younger brother, and he was named Len, and then a younger sister named Ammerah. In 2015, she graduated her high school and then instantly entered her current career. She was trendy on social media in her own town of Georgia prior she was exploded on the national scene.

    jayda wayda family

    She recalls promoting her grandmother’s scorched pleasure at school. Also, she took that spirit to Poshmark, wherein Jayda Wayda sold her slightly worn clothes on the web market. The way she became capable of promoting her clothes so fast stimulated her to begin her very own apparel line. At the young age of 16, she by now had her very own brand.

    Jayda Wayda Age, Height, Weight

    Now Jayda Wayda is 25 years old till 2022, so she organized a charity party on her latest birthday. Jayda Wayda’s real height is 5′ 1” and Jayda’s current weight is 57kg, jayda maintains her figure well.

    Jayda Wayda Movie

    Apart from this, he is also known by the audience for his on-screen appearances as an actor. If we search for Jayda Wayda movies online, it is clear that she played the role of ‘Juvi’ in a movie titled Bid for Love (2022). His other works include Lil Baby: Catch the Sun which is a music video released in 2020. However, the fast pace at which she is moving towards achieving her ambitions. It can be normal that the audience will see him performing as an actor in the future as well.

    Jayda Wayda Braids

    This gorgeous lady has changed several hairstyles in the past. She can now be seen in her new look which is absolutely stunning. Her long black braids identify her new hair. She has also posted several videos on her Youtube channel. An Instagram account where she can be seen providing information about her braids to the audience. How she styles her hair, how long it is in length, how she takes care of it, and so on. Over time, many other women have been showering love on Jayda Wayda Braids and her social media accounts after taking inspiration and getting the same for them too. 

    jayda wayda braid

    Journey Of Jayda Wayda Get Influencers On Youtube

    Amongst the top-leading influencers, Jayda has secured a special place for her. She entered the world of social media in 2018 when she created a YouTube account for herself. Which now has achieved a massive number of subscribers equal to 383k. On her channel, she voluntarily posts her daily life vlogs and travel videos in addition to make-up tutorial videos. She can be easily found on Youtube by the username “@JaydaCheaves.” Her videos frequently remain in the trending section and the plurality of her fanbase belongs to the young age. 

    Consequently, she is present on Instagram as well. Her username is ‘@jaydacheaves’ and she possesses a fan following of 8.2 million followers along with 413 posts.

    Jayda Wayda’s Net Worth

    Not only is she building her fan following hugely in numbers, but she is also building her net worth exponentially. If users search for anything related to Jayda Wayda, the most common curiosity of them is to know what Jayda Wayda’s Net Worth is.

    Based on the assumptions made by the people as well as the media. She has a current net worth of more than 4 million dollars that she built on her own owing to her successful vast career and her long-term vision. She started from scratch and is what she is today. It’s all because of her determination which she continues to do in the coming years.

    Jayda Wayda‘s Career

    Jayda Wayda’s career is a prominent topic of discussion since she is a very successful woman who is leading her life on her own terms. Her career began as a social media influencer when she started posting engaging content on her Instagram account and YouTube channel. Later on, her daily routine vlogs related to traveling, the way she lives, and her daily routine in addition to make-up tutorial videos were found interesting by the audience which helped her to create a huge fanbase for herself.

    jayda wayda net worth

    She is now an Entrepreneur and Business Woman. Who has established a business of wigs, clothing apparel, accessories, and other hair-related items? Apart from that, she has been witnessed by viewers in the entertainment sector as well. Last but not the least, she is an author too whose book titled, The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss is trending and helpful in terms of advice for the young budding Entrepreneur.


    In order to achieve this, she may have some more rules like staying consistent, focusing on herself, be herself. She keeps all rules in mind and her future business plan. Now you may get more information about Jayda Wayda, so this article will help you know about her.


    What is the real name of Jayda Wayda?

    Her real name is Jayda Cheaves. She is often renowned to the audience by the name, Jayda Amour or Jayda Wayda. 

    What is the professional career of Jayda Wayda?

    She is a young entrepreneur, social media influencer, Youtube star, and renowned face on the internet, she is into the business of wigs, clothing apparel, accessories, and other hair-related items. She is indeed a very successful lady. Who has now added the profession of an author to the list of her professional career? 

    When is the date of birth of Jayda Wayda?

    She was born on 25 September 1997 and currently she is 25 years old. 

    From where Jayda Wayda belongs?

    She was raised by her family in the Liberty City of Alabama in the United States of America. 

    What is the net worth of Jayda Wayda in 2023?

    Her current net worth is estimated to be calculated at 4 million dollars.

    What is the height and sun sign of Jayda Wayda? 

    She is 5 ft 1’ inch tall and her sun sign is Libra. 

    In which of the movies or series, Jayda Wayda has appeared as an actor?

    She portrayed the role of ‘Juvie’ in a movie named, Bid For Love (2022). Her other pieces of work include Lil Baby: Catch The Sun which is a music video released in 2020. She has also appeared playing herself in television series such as The Impact: Atlanta (2022) and The Real (2021).

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