His birthplace was Illinois U.S, and in 2021 his age was 48 years. He was born on July 13, 1973. So his nationality is American. The former American model’s name is Bess Katramados.

    Bess Katramados

    Physical Preferences The Former American Model Bess Katramados

    Her name is Melissa. Melissa’s height is 5′ 6”, with an average weight of 64 kg. and she is one of the top famous amercing and British social media personality people. She was known as the ex-wife of the big show and is now present wide of the Katramados.

    Bess Katramados People looking for information on former American models should know about Bess Katramados. In this post, you will be gathered interesting information about one of the most popular former American models which you need to read on this page till the end. Data can be gathered from this page ranking from his career development to his personal lifestyle.

    When Bess Katramados Has Got Relationship To Marriage. 

    Big Show meets Bess Katramados while, at the time, he was still married to Piavis. Over time, he fell in love with the former model, and this led to the break of the current relationship. On February 2002, he finally got divorced from his ex-wife. He got into a relationship with Bess on February 11, 2002, a day after the divorce. The couple was living a blissful day where two kids blessed them. One is a son, and the other is a daughter. Their children’s information still needs to be voiced on social platforms.

    In Which Year Katramados Was Married 

    In 2002 the relationship between katramados and Melissa was married. He attended the Illinois Lutheran high school and following this school care as bess katramados was a step into the future as a professional model. Jordan bratman So the present p professional of him was a model in the entertainment platform. There was the most known about him in the carer records.

    Early Life Of Bess Katramados.

    Bes Katramados is one of the popular women. Who started her career at a young age and worked her way up. In student life, Big Show’s wife Bess Katramados used to show and work for the Illinois brand. Along with this, he worked in many different organizations in the United States and beyond. She was young and modeled working for several brands

    After She Married Big Show, His Wife Got Popular. 

    On the other side, it could be said that after marrying Bess Katramados, he was wide as getting popularity on the platform. Like is the face of a celebrated wrestler, whereas, after her marriage to Bess, she decided to quit his modeling profession and become a homemaker. Big Show was supported by her wife to maintain her stunning physical structure over the year. That structure still looks like the modeling where she can enter into the modeling platform. Even at the age of 49, the look was still stunning; it made the people keep the course, wondering if she was really old or not. 


    Where Bess is active on the social media platform, where you can get followers, as in the know, you can pass that information from this post to another person who is looking the interesting information about Bess’s career and personal lifestyle. 

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